Ingredients of Cooking

Indonesian food is very diverse and varied species, there are so many Indonesian foods that have not been known in the international community following some Indonesian foods.

Shrimp crackers ( kerupuk Udang ), are crackers made ​​from tapioca flour dough and shrimp fed finely ground spices and flavor enhancer. Shrimp usually used are small shrimp or prawn are boxed until smooth
Ketupat, this rice cake wrapped in woven palm leaves, forming like a diamond, has become a tradition in Indonesia as one day before lebaran ( idul Fitri ) always make Ketupat complete with chicken opor or similar meat dishes

Lontong  ( Rice cake), made ​​of rice wrapped in banana leaves boiled up to 6-8 hours to harden, but lately lontong often also wrapped in plastic PE, but this is not good because of the distinctive aroma of banana leaves are no longer able to be enjoyed

Tempe, ( tempeh ), is a typical Indonesian food made ​​from soybeans that is mixed with yeast left in place for approximately 5-7 day to have a high level of vegetable protein

Tahu, ( Tofu ), same thing with the Tempe, the basic ingredient to make tofu is boiled soybean and soybean dregs filtered
Soy Sauce(Kecap Manis ) is a dark Brown Syrupy Indonesian soy Sauce, usually contain star anise and garlic in addition to sweetener such as palm sugar.

Eeg Noodles, one of the best noodles made from flours and egg, feel more supple and not easily break when in ripe