Gado gado the Indonesian Vegetarian Recipes

For the Vegetarians, this Indonesian Recipe could be an option For lunch, as Urap recipe this vegetarian recipes has same method to cook it, yes, you only need to boil it, the dishes is called Gado-gado
this Indonesian food is very familiar, especially  almost all the big cities in Indonesia.With the peanuts sauce and the crackers it could be a delicious lunch you ever dream, here is the recipe

Ingredients :
- 100 gr kangkung, cut the leave
- 100 gr carrots, cut like a matchsticks
- 100 gr cabbage
- 200 gr potato, peeled
- 100 gr bean sprout
- 100 gr cucumber, slice thin
clean all the vegetables,  and boil one by one, except the cucumber.

ingredient to make peanut sauce :
- 100 gr peanut, Fry it or roasted
- 2 red chili, add it more if you like spicy
- 50 gr palm Sugar
- Salt to taste
- 2 limo orange
- 1 clove garlic
- water to taste

How to make this Vegetarian Recipes
1. After finished boiling the vegetables, drain it
2. how to make peanut sauce : Prepare Cobek, put the peanut, salt, garlic and chili, mashed with occasional give in a water, after the sauce already seems smooth give in the lime 
3. Enter the Vegetables to taste, and stir until vegetables smeared the peanut sauce.
4. serve on the plate, and add the fried onion and crackers on topping.
Now your Vegetarian recipe is ready,  you can eat it with lontong happy nice try

Gado gado the Indonesian Vegetarian Recipes