Uduk rice | Indonesian Break Fast Recipes

Good Morning Indonesian Foods Lover, Inspired by My Friend on Facebook,Live in German, she said that when she woke up in the morning Missing her moment to had Breakfast  Bubur Ayam, Uduk Rice and many Other Break Fast Recipes, Well if she knew How to make uduk rice, may be she can bring her breakfast moment in Germany

Uduk Rice is rice cooked with coconut  milk and some other spices, so let go to the kitchen..

Ingrediens :
- 500 ml Rice, Clean it with water 3 times
- 1/2 of coconut medium-size, grated and squeezed the coconut milk, plus minus 700 cc
- 2 Bay leave
- 3 lemongrass, crushed
- Salt to taste

How to make this Break Fast recipe :

1. cook the coconut milk into the pan, add salt, leave bay and lemongrass, stir it.
2. Until smell the aromatic of coconut milk and spices,or boiling the coconut milk then lift the leave bay and lemongrass, this to avoid rice become pink,
3 put the Rice slowly, stir it, until the the milk is exhausted. lift and leave a few minutes to be cool
4. meanwhile prepare the pot for steaming the rice, put the the rice while water is boiling, cook about 20 minutes. and tour uduk rice is done.

Serve this break fast recipe with Tempe Orek, Telor Balado, Corn Bakwan, or Fried tempe. and sprinkle the fried onion for topping, hmm yummy

Uduk rice | Indonesian Break Fast Recipes