How to cook healthy broccoli

Fresh Broccoli is delicious when it served raw or cooked, Overcook broccoli can make a  very strong sulfur and eliminate  a level of nutrients especially Vitamin C, steam the Broccoli for 3-4 minutes or boil about 1 inch above the water boiling in a same time as above,

Cauliflower and cabbage are the same type of vegetables, but Broccoli contain  a lot of Vitamin C and beta carotene which are antioxidants that are very important. In United States Broccoli has became a favorite vegetable, it's healthful than cauliflower, cabbage and other green vegetables.

The Researchers considered that broccoli and other Green vegetables should be enter at the list of diet every week, Eating Foods that containing high antioxidant may reduce the risk of cancer or heart disease, a half cup of cooked broccoli has consisted of as many nutrients from the nutrient Phytochemicals isothiocynates.
Before consumption, wash broccoli in tap water, never soaking broccoli in a water because it will reduce the levels of nutrients.

There is one way to keep broccoli remained durable and maintain the nutrients is stored in refrigerator, here is how to preserve:

1. Cut broccoli stems not more than 1 inch, and then wash with running water as in the sink
2. prepare the water in a pan to boil
3. Enter Broccoli into boiling water and immediately cover the pan tightly, boil for 4 minutes
4. Prepare washing with  ice water in a container or water that flow in a basin
5. Remove broccoli with a fork or the basket strainer and drain
6 Enter broccoli in plastic bag in a bit thick, try not to much air intake
7. Put in a refrigerator and keep at a temperature of 17 degree celcius or lower
8. Broccoli can hold for 1 year

How to cook healthy broccoli