Urap Recipe, healthy vegetable recipe

Hello Indonesian Foods Lovers...keeping a healthy diet must to do to balance the body's metabolism, much less in today. Many fast food restaurants that facilitate service delivery and our busy works sometimes do not care about  intake of food to our body. by the end after all this time  we'll feel the infect the various illnesses.

To avoid all these problems, early on we have to keep our intake of foods such as consuming only organic vegetables in the stew, as one of this vegetable recipe called Urap, is the kind of vegetables variants including string beans, spinach, mung bean sprouts ( taoge ), cabbage mixed with seasoning made from grated coconut, and here is the recipe....

Ingredients :
100 gr bean sprouts
100 gr kangkung, it could be spinach, papaya leaves,or cassava leaves
100 gr string beans
100 gr cabbage
   * boil all the ingredients one by one, but not too long
aditional :100 gr cucumber, cut into small pieces

 for seasoning :
1 coconut,grated
3 red chili, you can add it more if you like spicy
2 garlic
1 tablespoon javanese tamarind
3cm galingale (kencur) finely chopped
2 bay leaves
Salt to taste
brown sugar to taste

how to make seasoning :
blend the chiles, garlic, galingale and tamarind, mix with grated coconut,
heat the pan, with a small flame, put the seasoning, stir it then put bay, salt and brown sugar after 10 minuates lift it.
Mix the boiled vegetables with coconut seasoning then serve it.
that it, now you have Urap, the healthy vegetable recipe by your own made, healthy food, healthy life.

Urap Recipe, healthy vegetable recipe