Easy Chicken Recipes For Dinner

Yellows,Indonesian Foods Lovers.., For some Mothers, especially young mothers cooking become very difficult for the doing, I purposely gave the title "Easy Chicken Recipes For Dinner" so the moms dare to experimenting cooking process, in this case is cooking a Chicken

There so many Easy Chicken Recipes For Your Dinner, one of  The easiest is Fried Chicken recipe, here is the recipe.

Ingredients :
- 1 kg Chicken, cut in 10 -12 pieces
- 500 g flour
- 250 g rice Flour
- 1,5 teaspoon pepper / black pepper
- 2 lemon, take the juice to soak the chicken
- Salt to taste
additional : chili powder if you like spicy

How to make :
1. Soak the pieces of chicken to the lime juice for 10 minutes, reversed so that lime equitable.
2 Clean the chicken with the water from lime then coat with garlic paste, pepper, chili powder and salt. let stand in few minutes so the flavors mingle
3 Make 2 doughs, wet dough and the dry one.
- Wet dough, serving 2 tablespoon flour and rice flour, give it water to taste, but not too thick and too liquid.
- Dry Dough, reserving the rice flour and the flour and salt to taste
4. Put the chicken pieces one by one into the following sequence : Beaten egg, Wet dough, and Dry dough
5. Fry the chicken over medium heat, and remember, do not hurry to reverse because there is still possibility the central part of chicken not yet ripe.

Well done, it's easy, isn't it. to make it just need 30 minutes, so, Easy Chicken Recipes For Dinner is ready to serve.

Easy Chicken Recipes For Dinner