Where I Find Indonesian Food Restaurants in Perth - Australia

Indonesian Food Restaurants in Perth - Australia, I showed it in TvOne in BJJB Show (Bukan Jalan-Jalan Biasa), the show whom always publish the Indonesian people who live aboard,what a great.Honestly, As an Indonesian  I'm so proud of Indonesian people who popularize Indonesian Foods in major countries like Rustono "king of tempeh" who popularize Tempeh in japan, and I fell optimistic one day Indonesian Foods could be one of the popular Food in the world as the Japanese Food, or Italian Food. Go...Go Indonesia.... .. : )

Rudi the Owner of BINTANG CAFE who has lived in Australia and worked as a chef  yearly had an idea to developed business Culinary, based of his education he Built a restaurant named BINTANG CAFE serving the Indonesian Foods like Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng) with its variant,ox tail Soup (Sop Buntut), Bakso, Sate , Soto with variant and many more. all the price is under $ 10.

With his wife that has the same based education as a Chef, now they have a restaurant  open at 11 am to10  pm and really, now they can survive in the land others, wonderful. If you interest to taste the Indonesian Food you may come at East Victoria Park shop 11/910 Albany highway, Perth - Australia, phone (08) 9472 9788. I swear, I'm not paid For this, : )
When I try to find another "Indonesian Food Restaurants in Australia" in google I fond many, and here now I Share to You.

Perth Metro - 6000
  • Indonesia indah restaurant,  118-120 Barrack ST , Tel (08) 9221 3970
  • kartini Indah Restaurants, 38 pier street , tel (08) 9421 1685
  • New Oleh-Oleh Cafe, 1/566 Hay Street, Tel (08) 9325 1747
  • Satay Club, 5/123 James Street. (08) 9227 1270
  • Tasik Indonesian Restaurant, 63 Aberdeen street, Tel (08) 9228 1884
  • Es Teler 77, Unit 2/305-309 William Street 
  • Manise Cafe,  Unit 2, 449 William Street
  • Kartika Indonesian Restaurant, 1235 Albany Highway tEL (08) 9362 5062
  • Bunga Raya Restaurant, The Grove Shpg Ctr ,Cottesloe WA 6011 Tel : (08) 9385  6898
 Fremantle - 6160
  • Satay Mutiara, Shop 8, 21 essex Street. Tel (08) 9336 6789
KIngsway City
  • Izwan Satay & Curry House, Tel ( 08 ) 9409 2863
South Perth
  • Bali Garden Restuarant, MillPoint Road
  • Nusantara Indonesian Food, Shop 10A, Subiaco Pavillion Market
 Thornlie - 6108
  • Selera Jakarte, Spencer Villege Food Hall, Spencer Rd. Tel. 0402 399 163
  • Warong Sarinah, Spencer Villege Food Hall, Spencer Rd.Tel (08) 9358 2155
Victoria Park - 6100

  • Mahsuri Satay Restaurant, 313 Albany Highway, (08) 9362 5062
That all the Indonesian Food Restaurants In Australia I got, hope you enjoy the meal and serving, if anyone know more Restaurants,with would be proud to shere in comment post. Thanks....

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Where I Find Indonesian Food Restaurants in Perth - Australia