Rendang recipe | Indonesian recipes From West Sumatra ( Padang )

West Sumatra has a very popular culinary variety that is "Padang Causine" one of the famous food is the Rendang whose name was known in America characteristic of Indonesian food is the marinade ingredients presented with an extra, full of coconut milk, chillies and other spices 
If you are interested to make it, Indonesian food recipes blog this time will give the recipe, here we go....

* 1 kg of beef without the fat and muscle, cut thick and fiber direction though not easy destroyed
* 2liter coconut milk from 3 coconuts
* salt to taste
* flavor taste (optional)
* 2 sheets kandis sour / tamarind water can also
* Cinnamon sticks -1
* 1 / 2 kg of red beans, boil until half cooked
* 2 tsp black instant rendang spices, is on sale in stores.

Spice leaf: 1 sheet turmeric leaf, torn & conclude 4 slices lime leaves, torn 2 stalks lemongrass, crushed, conclude
Spices that are: *  100 Gr red chilies    Chili pepper, to taste (optional) * 10 Red onions * 6 Cloves garlic * 3 Cm galangal * 4 Cm ginger * 2 Tablespoons coriander * 4 Cloves fruit * 4 Pieces cardamom * 1 Tsp cumin * 1 Tsp pepper granules * 4 Fruit deaf / star anise / star anise *1  nutmeg 

  1. Heat 1 tablespoon vegetable oil, sauté ground spices, herbs enter the leaf, cinnamon, and saute until fragrant kandis acid.
  2. Input meat, saute until the spices soak into the meat.
  3. Enter the coconut milk, salt, flavorings, and Masako, mix well. after boiling enter the red beans, stirring constantly until cooked (until the sauce is dry and soft bean).
  •  In making rendang  Do not use turmeric for color black. if using turmeric, rendang will not be black.
  •  In addition to red beans, can also use small potatoes or large potatoes for rendang.
  •  If using small potatoes, peeled his skin not on. how to clean it by mixing the coconut pulp, then the squeeze  squeezed until his black dirt moved to the coconut pulp. then the prick-prick with a knife for seasoning seep into the potatoes. freshly washed with clean water.
  •  If using large potatoes, peeled skin. then cut to width and thickness. potatoes in the insert when the coconut milk to boil.
  • For the perfect Rendang  , you should use a medium thick coconut milk and coconut milk. the first in the insert is the coconut milk is thick, was somewhat new to enter the dry thick coconut milk, then cooked until dry. 
Have Nice Lunch......:) 

Rendang recipe | Indonesian recipes From West Sumatra ( Padang )